Butlers are awesome (systemaurora) wrote in vaginapagina,
Butlers are awesome

Condoms that are safe to use with silicone toys (or vaginas with silicone intolerances!)

Okay, so I'm not convinced silicone lube will automatically destroy my high-quality silicone toys, but I don't really have the funds to find out, lol. I also know that some women just can't tolerate silicone lubes (or can ONLY tolerate silicone lubes), so I figured this might be useful here. I've spent the past few hours compiling information and thought I'd share what I have (and hopefully get input from others as well). Hope this helps! I sure wish someone would have had this already listed. :P I make no guarantees as to the accuracy of this since I don't actually make condoms, use the list at your own risk, etc.

Condoms that are safe for silicone toys (Uses water-based lube that may contain glycerin or parabens):
-Beyond Seven
-Paradise flavoured (no clue about unflavoured)
-Trojan ENZ (possibly most Trojans)
-Probably anything unlubricated

Condoms that are generally NOT safe for silicone toys (uses silicone-based lube which may melt toys):
-Caution Wear

Any more to add to the list? A scary number of condom makers don't even tell you what kind of lube is on the condom, let alone, provide an ingredients list!
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