kiwi_from_hell (kiwi_from_hell) wrote in vaginapagina,

Changing BC from implanon

Hi. About a year and a half ago I got implanon (the implant) as birth control. It's not been great - my periods are lighter but come every 2 weeks, and my sex drive is DEAD. It's the sex drive issue that is bothering me the most.

So I've decided I want to come off implanon. My question is now, what do I change to? There is lots of information about other BC but my understanding is that the progesterone only 'mini-pill' and the hormonal IUD are just other methods of administering the same hormone as implanon, so would it be reasonable to expect they would have the same effect on me as implanon?

I can't take the combined pill as I get migraines with aura, so aside from condoms and the progesterone only stuff mentioned above, my understanding is that my other main option is a copper IUD, which I'm going to do some research on. Is there an option I have missed?

Thanks very much for any help and advice.
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