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Durex Latex Free Condoms

This is futher to my previous post about coconut oil and latex-free condoms, I received this from Durex. I find the comment about latex allergy sufferers and the latex-free condoms not being suitable for them quite interesting, and I thought it was important enough that I posted here to warn people as a seperate post, so it can be tagged properly and people can find it easily.

Personally; I am not allergic to latex, I just have sensory issues with latex condoms, but for people with allergies, it's a huge thing.

Dear [Me],

Thank you for your email regarding Durex condoms.

The Real Feel condoms are exactly the same as Avanti Ultima (i.e. they are synthetic polyisoprene).

From a material point of view both are very similar to natural rubber latex and so unsuitable for use with oil based lubricants.

Whilst the original Avanti was polyurethane and suitable for use with oil based lubricants unfortunately the Deluxe are not and so we can't recommend that they are used with oil based lubricants.

We can not recommend the Real Feel or Deluxe condoms for latex allergy sufferers although they are made from a latex free material, they do not go through the same manufacturing and cleaning process as the Avanti Ultima.

Thank you once again for taking the time to contact us.

Best wishes
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