electric t-rex (electric_t_rex) wrote in vaginapagina,
electric t-rex

is it possible for boobs to just randomly grow???

okay so i realized the other day that i needed to go bra shopping, so i went to vicky's secret and the girl there asked me if i needed to be measured.
well i've never been measured ever (i'm 22), so i figured what the hell. when she finished measuring, i expected her to say that my size is a 34B but she said i was a 34C.

i found this whole thing hysterical, so she suggested i try on a 34C and what do you know, it fit like a charm! i've been a B cup since i can remember so i still find this whole C cup thing weird.

i'm by no means a girl who looks like she could carry a C cup. i'm 5'9 and i'm pretty thin.

so is it possible for breasts to just randomly grow bigger??
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