Saráh (whimaway) wrote in vaginapagina,

Nuvaring questions

So I think I posted here awhile back when I was researching birth control methods and trying to decide which would be best for me. I wanted something effective, easy to remember for a forgetful person, and non-hormonal if at all possible (to avoid side effects). I thought about FAM plus a diaphragm but then I ruled that out because I think I'm a bit busy for FAM. So I ultimately wanted to get a paraguard IUD. However I live in a small college town without a hospital or planned parenthood and I don't have a car, so it's not really an option to get an IUD right now. So for now I think I'm going to get the nuvaring, but I have lots of questions that I somehow forgot to ask the GYN at my school's health clinic today. :) 

First of all does anyone know if you can wear the nuvaring with instead softcups? I know you can use them with reusable menstrual cups, but I'm not sure about the instead. It just seems like if I were on my period, that sex +  instead + nuvaring would get a little cramped. Also I was wondering if the offbrand was as good as the nuvaring? I was also wondering about personal experiences with side effects and use of the nuvaring. TIA!

Also Does insurance generally cover getting an IUD? I just called my student health insurance company and the lady said she didn't have any information which is weird... And I'm pretty sure of this but the paraguard is non hormonal, right? I tried to tell that to the gynecologist, but she seemed to think it was hormonal.

EDIT: What is y'all's opinion on the HPV vaccine. I was pretty started to learn that 80% of people have it and such, but since I have one partner and intend to have one sexual partner for awhile it seems silly to get the shots.

2/14/10 I got my nuvaring today and as it is working quite well next to my larger menstrual cup, I think it will sit fine next to the instead. We'll have to see about using it during PiV.
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