C (allinyerhead) wrote in vaginapagina,

monthly flow 'quantity' and diva cup

OK, so I was wondering what the average REAL woman's monthly flow was, measurement wise...Ive always kind of considered myself 'heavy flow' for the first few days, especially since I have PCOS, and I don't get it every month..but when it rains..it pours...
So I have my diva cup, and was reading the insert, the diva cup holds 1 oz and it appears that 'average' amount of fluid lost in a cycle is about one ounce...well...heavy d over here managed to fill up 4 diva cups in about 2 days...is this typical for someone with PCOS? I mean sheesh, I feel like I should probably go on a warewolf diet with all that iron ive lost1
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