behindmyeyes14 (behindmyeyes14) wrote in vaginapagina,

Implanon and Breast Growth

Hey everyone! I had been on Seasonique for about 5 years, got off of it for a year, and then back on for about 3 months because my hair started to fall out when I stopped it. A few weeks after I started back on the pill, I had symptoms of a mini-stroke and ended up in the ER and also went to detox from alcohol because that was another issue. I am 22 days sober if that is relevant at all. I also have high blood pressure and took Atenolol for that. I was on medication for the high blood pressure, but decided to stop taking it because my hair was falling out and I read that beta blockers can make that worse. That is also why I went back on the pill because when I stopped it for that year my hair fell out way worse than when I was on the pill. But because of the mini-stroke symptoms I experienced, my doctor told me that I needed to stop the Seasonique immediately and especially if I wanted to stay off the high blood pressure pill.

Since I have stopped the BC again, my hair has started to fall out considerably. I really wish I could continue to take the Seasonique because it helped my hair and also made my breasts larger (I really liked this side effect and so did my bf lol). My gyno would like me to get the Implanon. Does anyone know if Implanon or progesterone only pills have any effect on breast size or hair loss? Any experiences with Implanon or the mini-pill (I think that's what it's called?) in general?

Sorry I'm rambling and don't make sense... it's been a long day! Hopefully you all can get what I'm trying to say. Thanks so much!
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