abalone99 (abalone99) wrote in vaginapagina,

Fed up with the OB shortage

I am typically an insanely patient person.  I can remember 2 times in my 26 years that I've ever even yelled at someone. I am also the opposite of spontaneous when it comes to making a purchase that costs over 10 cents.  I also don't consider myself to be too 'hippy dippy' (an affectionate term, I assure you :) )  I have also been a die hard OB user for 15 years (sometimes it's crazy to me to think that I've had my period that long).  I have read passing stories here on the lovely VagPag about menstrual cups but never ever seriously considered them.  BUT my roommate and I have been agonizing over the - in my opinion - ABSURD length of time the Great O.B. Tampon Shortage of 2011 has been going on.  I had a huge stash I've been going through for the past 2 months.  She got fed up and got a Diva Cup last month.  And gloriously close and TMI as we both are (there are seriously no boundaries between us) she's been sharing her experience and showing off her flow.  But again, just never quit ready or honestly all that interested in taking the plunge personally.  But I don't know, I got fed up with it today.  I got fed up with checking back again and again at the grocery store and then having to consider the other brands which all have half a brontosaurus' worth of fossil fuels in those dang applicators (one of the chief bonuses of O.B. I have always thought).  I got a little infuriated about the whole thing.  So today I spontaneously broke every rule/tradition/personality trait of mine and bought a Diva Cup.  It was $30 at our local hippy dippy market.  It's sitting inside comfortably and was insanely easy to insert, I can't feel a thing, and I'm excited to see how it all works.  I'm totally surprised by how easy the whole affiar was.  So.....Towanda!!!

Just thought I'd share my story.  Mods, please delete or chastise accordingly if inappropriate.  Also it said I wasn't allowed to tag the entry?  Am I doing something horribly wrong??

Hope everyone out there is having a beautiful day. 

EDIT: So does anyone know why the heck they had issues in the first place??  Worse than the shortage itself was O.B. keeping customers in the dark.  I'm not willing to go out on an unsupported limb and think it was anything malicious, but as a person working in sales, I can tell you straight up - if there's an issue, either yours or others', own up to it, explain what you're doing to fix it and make up the inconvenience to your customers.  The lack of information, ETA, and ownership of the problem killed my respect for the brand.  Before myself my mom had been a loyal OB user and we've both always extolled their virtues.  They lost a major customer today and it's a real shame on their part.  I'm writing an e-mail soon. 
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