new___noise (new___noise) wrote in vaginapagina,

hi everyone!

hello there! i dont have a question or anything..just something i wanted to share with you guys. im not sure if any of you remember me, but ive posted here a few times, mostly with questions about genital HSV-1/dealing with it..i was diagnosed with it about three years ago. it was really a bummer for me, but coming here always helped me feel better. i wanted to thank you all who have answered my questions and calmed my fears about it and gave me all the valuable info i can now pass on! i just got into my first real life relationship with a really sweet boy who is totally understanding to my situation (hes gotten cold sores on his mouth in the past) and last night..i lost my virginity to him! the info i could tell him about HSV along with the info ive gained on here as far as safe sex and all that good stuff have really helped me..i just wanted to say THANK YOU! :D

EDIT: hah..YIKES..i guess i do have a question..a little while after i posted this my boyfriend and i were having sex and he came and as he did he thrusted..and the condom broke! like..ripped apart! i showered right after and am getting plan b tomorrow..i just finished my period just.yesterday pretty much. so should i be concerned? im thinking not..its just scary and im new to this!
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