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Raising libido/sex drive

So, my husband and I have been toghether for 6 1/2 years, and in the beginning, things were great sexually...well, better. A lot better. Over the years some things happened in life as they do...I got on meds for BPD and BP-II disorder, and got pregnant, which lead to a stillbirth, and had 2 more miscarriages. Things that happened in our personal lives effected our sex lives. Especially mine. My husbands libido and sex drive have ALWAYS been through the roof, and mine has been getting increasingly non-existant. May-July of 2010 while we were trying for another baby, I thought I had gotten my so-called "groove" back because with the excitement of trying for a baby, and things that happen during ovulation, my sex drive was at an all time high. July 23 of last year we found our I was pregnant at 5 weeks. At 6 weeks, morning sickness hit, and a few weeks later my gallbladder started acting up, revealing that I had gallstones. So, basically this entire pregnancy i've been sick. I'm 32 weeks now, and it's almost over. I read in magazines, etc that my sex drive would come back in late pregnancy, but so far, that is yet to be seen. Sex hurts now, and even my husband has noticed it. He says i'm tighter, and that it feels better for him, but to me, it HURTS and we have to use extra lube and start out super slow with penetration. He says he's trying to get in all the sex he can before the baby comes, because my recovery from the baby is going to make my body off limits sexually. At least for a while. I've been feeling so bad and down on myself that I don't even like to give him oral anymore, and I used to think I was pretty good at it and actually liked doing it for him. I expressed this to him last night, and he said, "Well you're still the best i've ever had"...That means a lot, but it doesn't get my libido back. All i've ever wanted with my husband is a "normal" sex life. I run into sex everywhere I go, and he wants it EVERY day, but I just can't get in the mood. Sometimes I think about sex and get physically ill and exhausted. Someone help???
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