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A Few Questions

Here's some background info: According to my average menstrual cycle length, I was suppose to get my period on Sat, Feb 5th. Over the weekend, I went on a roadtrip with my boyfriend. Lately I've been super stressed out and having anxiety, I usually know and can "feel" when I'm going to get my period, so I wasn't surprised to have NO symptoms of signs of it coming. I had sex on Fri, Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday when we were going for lunch at a restaurant, I took my coat off and went to sit down and I felt discharge come out and it felt like a lot too! So I excused myself to the bathroom. I noticed my panties had visible wet spots on them and when I wiped myself with tissue, and there was some "discharge" but it was really watery...I'm trying to remember the color - it was a bit odd like almost transparent but maybe it was whiteish and had like a yellow tint to it. I thought it was strange cause it wasn't the kind of discharge I'm used to seeing that is thick in the consistency. I had some panty liners in my purse so I put one in. After that incident on Saturday afternoon until now (Monday evening), I didn't get the same kind of discharge again.  But I am curious what it could be, any similar experiences? What could have caused it?

I'm pretty new to sex and I noticed that when my boyfriend enters me, I feel an uncomfortable burning feeling. At first, he didn't want to go faster cause he thought it would hurt me but when he does, it feels A LOT better. When we used lube, I think it went away completely. I'm wondering if this is normal, and the burning feeling is unlikely a symptom of infection?

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