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I'll admit. I'm kind of dumb when it comes to sex vs. gender, etc. But I think I have a problem. I'm a bisexual female, and I'm very much attracted to the softness of women, breasts, curves, everything! They're just so beautiful. But I look at myself in the mirror, and I just see dumpy shapes. Breasts that do not perk with the excitement of porn stars, a line across my stomach from where the skin rolls when I sit, hips and a butt that do not ever fully fit in the pants I want to wear. And yet, I see this figure on other girls, I see heavier girls, and I find them beautiful.

Why is this..? How can I embrace myself better? I just don't want to be forever covering myself. Even when I'm with partners, I cover myself until we're belly-to-belly, or until I can hide my face in a pillow so I don't have to see myself.

Any experiences..? 
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