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double dose of BCP

Hi everyone I'm posting from my phone or I would search first before posting. I realized when I went to take my friday pill (I'm on Yaz) that friday and saturday had already been taken. I was off today as I have to work this weekend. And I just happened to suffer a migraine that woke me up at 5am. I remember falling back asleep then getting up and taking more meds at about noon. Then going back to sleep and waking up at twoish. And taking my allergy meds. As I was about to go to bed (I take my pills before bed) at 930pm that's when I noticed the two days already gone.

So I'm worried I've hurt myself. I'm going on holiday in two weeks and was trying to be very careful about taking my pills everyday on time as I was going to try and skip my period in two weeks.

Has anyone done this?
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