Lauren (irishjewel413) wrote in vaginapagina,

2 neg tests and very late period

So I took another pregnancy test (one that detects 5 days before missed period and I've already missed mine) and it came back negative. I used my FMU too to make it as accurate as possible. I feel a bit relieved but not as much as I'd be if my period naturally arrived.

I worked from 11 to 7am tonight and took vitamin c every hour on the hour. I was just telling my bf how I'm wanting to feel the painful cramps that alert me that its coming. He thinks its funny I want to be in pain, but men don't understand when our period is late we go in panic mode. If you want to get pregnant its different but the majority of the time if its late and that's not what you want, it can make you want to be in pain PMSing etc. I don't know about you ladies but that's how I am when I'm late, and especially now!

Well I made a doctor appt for Monday so I can get to the bottom of this. I'm fairly confident its not pregnancy and the big change in my sleep cycle is what I'm thinkin it must be. Going from sleeping at night and awake at day to sleeping on and off in the day and staying up working all night regularly is a pretty drastic change.

Well I just wanted to update and Ill let you know what my doctor says on monday. Thanks for all the previous comments.
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