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So I've posted here in the past, been in and out reading things and lately I've honestly been a little fed up with my body.

So my periods are irregular, have been for a few years now and I've just sort of dealt with it. I tried two different kinds of BC to see if it helps, but it makes things worse honestly. Like...both times, it was nonstop. For 2-3 months. With constant pain and not wanting to move at all. So I stopped that and haven't looked back.

Well my body is trying desperately to sync up with my roommate and it's not working out in my favor. Period came and went and I thought it was over, but for the last month I've been spotting. Like...old blood/tissue mess sort of thing. It won't stop. I don't know how to flush it all out and get it to freaking stop. It's honestly becoming a huge annoyance. So my question to you is how to make it stop/flush it all out?

I've tried looking it up through search engines and come up empty handed so far...

PS: I wasn't sure what or how to tag this for the community :C
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