Fluidmotion_ (fluidmotion_) wrote in vaginapagina,

cramps, lower back pain, AND kidney pains?


So I posted this morning saying I've been having non-stop cramps for the past week after having missed the first pill from my pack.

However, as the day progressed I started to feel worse and worse. My cramps got really terrible, I had a headache, fever, fatigue, awful back pain, and nausea.

So here's the back story:
I've had lower back pain for the past couple of weeks now. I chalked it up to sleeping poorly, or not stretching enough or whatever. About a week ago I took the first pill of my pack about 12 hours late. Since then I've been having non-stop dull (but painful) cramps. ALSO in the past couple of weeks I have had on and off kidney pains, mostly on the right side. I also chalked that up to dehydration, eating too much, etc.

Anyways, today everything seemed to feel really awful all at once so I finally went to a Doctor. She poked around, asked me a couple questions, and did a pregnancy test.

Aaaand, nothing. Besides a little blood in my urine (what could that even be about?)

I've had a kidney infection before, and although the kidney pains feel the same there's no sign of a bladder infection to accompany it. She gave me an Rx for the kidney infection and told me to wait everything out a couple days to see if it turned into kidney stones, stomach flu, or a kidney infection. She also wants me to get blood work done to see if it's any other kind of infection.

So here I am laying in bed after taking 2 extra strength midols with a fever, awful cramps, and pains wondering what the hell is going on.

Should I be going to a gyno, or is a regular family doc just as good to check these kinds of things? Any insight into what the hell could be going on?
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