timerout (timerout) wrote in vaginapagina,

Ovarian cysts

 Hello all,

2 days ago I went to the emerg. room with extreme pain (think on the floor crying and yelling). As it turns out I have some cysts on my left ovary which burst. I understand that ovarian cysts are quite common, and are generally nothing to worry about, but being in that amount of pain was terrible.

 They didn't give me much info, and after being in the emergency room for 12 hrs I was too tired to think to ask for more. I do have a follow up with by doctor on the 14th...but I am worried and wanted to get some answers sooner.

Are they likely to burst again? Is there anything that can improve them? Anything I should avoid doing? Can they have any long term effects (my main concern is fertility) Should I go to the hospital if this happens again, or just ride it out at home?

While I realize you guys are not doctors, and I will ask my doctor the same questions, I would like a little bit of info now...

Thank you all!
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