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Hormone levels - need 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. opinions.

Wow - I wish I knew how to link to the previous entries I've made so that I wouldn't have to type this all out again, but I'll try to make it short. My menstrual history: 

age 11: 1st period, very heavy.
11-14: periods ranging from twice a month to every other month, all heavy/crampy.
14-17: periods decreasing in frequency to a couple times a year
18-21: periods MIA entirely
21-23: Yasmin, after a progesterone withdrawl produced a bleed
23-now: Went off HBC in May, had Paragard inserted June, been bleeding daily since.

Other symptoms: 
Acute cramping pain over left ovary, doesn't respond to pain killers, pretty incapacitating, for about 1-4hrs. This has happened 4-5x since June
Increased body hair growth
Increased acne (on back, chest, and face)
Increased sex drive (much easier to get aroused and orgasm)

Lab Tests: 
Transvaginal Ultrasound shows IUD is in place, endometrium isn't too thick, ovaries aren't twisted, but the left ovary is twice as thick as the right and has "multiple small follicles"
Blood Tests: 
Show Total Testosterone HIGH = 70nGm/dL (normal is 11-59nGm/dL)
Show Sex Hormone Binding Globulin LOW = 26 nmol/L (normal is 30-135nmol/L)
Show Free Testosterone HIGH = 13.3 pGm/ml (normal is .8-7.4pGm/ml)

My OBGYN has said that he doesn't know why my testosterone is high, since my DHEA levels and my FSH, TSH levels are normal. He said it couldn't be PCOS because I didn't have insulin resistance syndrome problems (abdominal fat, facial hair, dark patches on skin, skin tags). He said he didn't know much about Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia but that he would give an endocrinologist a call and see what they had to say. He also said it couldn't be an androgen producing tumor because my testosterone levels would be much higher (200% + of normal ranges).

The plan he put forward is to have my Paragard pulled and put in either a Mirena or Nuva ring OR start back on the pill. I'm not so convinced that the problem isn't PCOS or Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. What do you guys think? Worth a 2nd opinion? I just don't want to "bandaid" the problem if it is something more than just "the way I am." (<<Boy do I hate that medical answer!)

Thanks in advance, I'm sort of overwhelmed by all this. XPosted to IUD Divas.
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