dragonflyinlove (dragonflyinlove) wrote in vaginapagina,

Masturbation during pregnancy and cramping

A question about masturbation/orgasm during early pregnancy and cramping :

OK, so I recently found out I am pregnant (around 6-8 weeks) and we are SO excited, this is my first.

I am a pretty sexual person and have experienced a upsurge in my libido lately and due to work shifts my hubs has not been around to satisfy my needs at night and I have been.....pleasuring myself.

I have been experiencing light cramping on and off through out the day which Im told is normal for early pregnancy but I have noticed that I tend to cramp much hard during masturbation and very intensely right after climax and Im worried that I may be somehow harming the baby.

It does take me a good while to reach climax and I tend to hold my breath/tense up while doing so

Should I be concerned?

Thanks ladies.

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