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request for opinions/experiences on sterilzation vs. long-term HBC use

Here's the thing (I'll try to keep it brief, but feel free to ask questions in your comments and I'll elaborate as needed):

I'm nearing 28yrs old, nulliparous, and relatively healthy (but a smoker - of course, I'd like to quit, but don't know when that will happen and I'm not anxious to start). I don't like children, and I don't want them. In short, I feel it would take a monumental psychological - if not entirely biological - shift for that to change at any point in the future (so I respectfully ask that you respectfully keep any "but what if you change your mind..." appeals to yourself). Moreover, on the infinitesimally small chance that I DO change my mind, I decided a long time ago that biological conception/birth is not for me and that I would adopt for both humanitarian reasons and also in light of genetic disadvantages (mental illness is rampant in both my immediate and extended families).

I've been considering sterilization for the better half of the past decade, but have never mentioned it to any gynecologist (I go to Planned Parenthood, always have) because I figured, being childless and in my twenties, I'd be hard-pressed to find an accommodating doctor.

Due to a recent lapse in my health insurance, I've had to stop taking HBC for the first time in years and have rediscovered how absolutely unpleasant 'natural' periods are :x So far, my bleeding has not [yet] returned to its pre-HBC biblical-flood proportions, but the cramping is highly disruptive and uncomfortable, as is the monthly week-long bout of diarrhea/loose-stools... which I had all but completely forgotten about.

I had decided at this point that it would be foolish to stay on HBC long-term (for however many decades of my child-bearing days remain)... but am now seriously questioning whether the risks are worth taking for the sake of my personal comfort.

If anyone has any information, and can cite research and/or professional documentation, illustrating what risks do or do not exist for long-term HBC, I'd gladly accept it.

Do you think, at my age and in my situation, it would be unreasonable to request sterilization? Do you think it would lead to disagreements with clinicians at Planned Parenthood (Rochester/Syracuse region)? In my experience, I have yet to encounter anyone there that I would expect conservative or argumentative feedback from, though some should be expected before undergoing any permanent procedure.

And on that note, anyone have any idea what procedures Planned Parenthood currently does, or if it varies by region/facility? I'd rather have an out-patient procedure, like Essure, than a higher-risk in-patient procedure such as tubal ligation.

Do you think it would be wise to undergo such a procedure, rather than committing to decades of HBC use and pregnancy risk? Is long-term HBC use safe? Have the most frequently cited risk factors been debunked or otherwise narrowed down in recent decades?

Would it be silly to do both - undergo sterilization to negate any residual pregnancy risk, and also continue HBC for comfort?

I just got my period, and was also just approved for NYS' Family Planning Benefit Program (which, to my knowledge, covers sterilization procedures), so I feel that this is a good time to take action. In any case, I'll likely be making an appt soon to get back on birth control because, quite frankly, this whole period thing friggin' sucks :x

(FYI, I've tried IUDs before and it rejected after about 10months. I don't think I'd like to do it again. Also, I'd consider an implant, but other progestin-only methods have had a severely detrimental impact on my emotional well-being in the past... I'd be apprehensive about going through that again as I don't have health insurance should I end up facing another three-month-long panic attack)

Other suggestions are welcome!


Also, sorry - I pretty much stink at keeping anything "brief" :P
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