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Dealing with ovarian cysts without HBC?

Is there any way to treat ovarian cysts without HBC?

I was put on HBC about a year ago because of ovarian cysts and my prescription ran out one month before my next appointment was set (I haven't been taking it since the end of Dec. and my appt. is the first week of February) so I haven't taken any pills in about a month.

While I was on HBC, I constantly got terrible heartburn/nausea and just felt angry/frustrated/full of anxiety all the time. I had summed all that up to stress, NOT my birth control, but since going off it the nausea and heartburn is gone and even though the amount of stress in my life hasn't lessened a bit, I just feel happier - something I didn't expect at all.

Of symptoms I did know were from HBC - I always felt very bloated; I didn't necessarily gain weight, but I just felt that there was this layer of bloatedness all around my body. I also didn't ever get my period except for maybe a few spots every few months or so, and never when I was "supposed" to, it would just come randomly. As much as I liked not getting any cramps, I didn't like never getting my period, it felt very unnatural.

Needless to say, I'm not too interested in going back on HBC (not sexually active so don't need it for that purpose) but I think I have another cyst. Is my gynecologist going to recommend me going back on? Or are there other options? I'd appreciate any insight/personal experiences.


Edit: I should add, I felt like I was first getting this cyst around Thanksgiving, when I was still taking the pill, so it's not exactly like taking it was really preventing them.
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