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When to get a pap smear after sex

Hi everyone. :]

I am currently 20 years old, and I turn 21 in four months (my birthday is at the very end of May). I'd like to have sex with my boyfriend before then (I'm a virgin), but I had a question about pap smears and timing.

When I talked to my NP in June of 2010, she said that since I wasn't sexually active at that time that I should wait until I turn 21 and then get a full physical with pap smear (when she asked I wasn't planning on having any sex until I got married (which she knew), but circumstances and my decisions have changed since then).

But I'm confused. I've seen the guidelines stating to get a pap smear once becoming sexually active, but since I'm so near my 21st birthday, should I schedule it before or after I turn 21?

(If there's already been a topic on this, please direct me to it and I'll delete this one. Thank you!)
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