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Nausea and hormones...

I've posted previously about being in the middle of trying to figure out why my body has been bleeding for almost 8 months straight. I went off HBC in May and got a Paragard IUD in June. The IUD is in place (checked by 3D ultrasound) but I am still bleeding. Sometimes I get intense, pinpoint pain over my left ovary, which is twice as thick as my right and filled with tiny follicles (also identified on the ultrasound).

Other than that the bleeding is continuous, there doesn't seem to be a pattern - it's just the same, day after day. It's enough to use a couple of tampons per day and a medium pad at night. Since going off the pill I also have increased body hair growth, decreased breast size (by about a cup - went from a "B" to an "A"), and have acne, both on my face, back, and chest. My sex drive has greatly increased as well.

I've been seeing an OBGYN and am waiting to hear back on the results of bloodwork to check on my androgen (male hormone) levels as well as levels of hormones that contribute to insulin resistance/diabetes. I am told that my problems could be due to PCOS, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, or an androgen-stimulating tumor somewhere (adrenal gland? pituitary gland? hypothalamus?)

The cherry on top of this whole deal (and the reason for my post): The past few weeks I've been getting nauseous. This has never happened to me before unless I am sick with the flu. Usually if I eat something that doesn't agree with me, I get crampy/diarrhea, so I don't think this is food related. Add to that the fact that I haven't changed my diet in the slightest and I'm a little confused with what's going on. The reason I posted here is that the only other time I've been nauseous like this is when I first started taking HBC - this nausea is exactly the same as that "settling in" nausea, which I had pretty severely.

Anyway - does anyone know which hormones doing what (low, high, unbalanced) would cause nausea? It's not really unlivable but it is getting old. If it helps, I noticed that it usually starts in midmorning (around 10am) and gets worse throughout the day.

Also (I swear this is the end) another random question. Did anyone not have their baby teeth fall out? None of mine fell out - they all had to be pulled when my adult teeth grew up THROUGH them or around them. Maybe this is another weird hormonal thing? I also never got much for breasts or female "curves" (been an "A" cup my whole life, and not because I'm really skinny).

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