Lauren (irishjewel413) wrote in vaginapagina,

Period worries

So I keep thinking I'm about to get my period but then I don't. I'm annoyed cuz I always track my periods but my blackberry erased the date when I got my last period so I can't back track so I know what day I'm on. I know I had it around new years but I don't know if I got it right then or days before that. I feel a little crampy sometimes but then it goes away.

I don't have any pregnancy symptoms thank God. I am worried though and I'm not sure if its just not time to come yet or what.

I have been really stressed and my sleep pattern has been sooo fucked up because I started a new job and now I work over nights 4 days a week. Lately its been 4 back to back.

I'm just gonna keep freaking as always till I get it. Also, if you have a yeast infection can that affect your period? Because I've had them on and off.
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