kimochi_i (kimochi_i) wrote in vaginapagina,

sex is "alright"

 I'm here posting another post about sexual dissatisfaction. I do not cum during sex, and to be quite honest, the first time i used a vibrator during intercourse, i barely felt my climax. But sex, penetration, still feels relatively good. Whatever though, my question doesn't really concern me. 

After using the toy, my boyfriend posed the question of how was it. Naturally, i replied that it was good. But i stated that penetration itself, the sensation was stronger and more pleasurable (in a sense) then clit stimulation even though i can only come from the latter. His response was "wow, sex must feel really good for you." That statement cause me to read between the lines and ask "sex doesn'f feel good for you?" He responded "its alright." Not even its "good," but simply "alright," having sex with me is simply alright. It's usually the girl who doesnt feel enough but to hear it from him...

Now, i'm not sure if im reading too much into his words, but it was certainly a blow to my... eh, ego? The first time we had sex, it was addressed that he didn't really feel anything and maybe that i was too "loose." I thought that was all in the past because i didn't know i was supposed to clench... or something. But apparently not. Its pretty clear he enjoys oral more than sex, in fact, he's stated that before. I guess it just makes me feel.... inadequate in a way? And i guess, even though it doesn't make sense and is completely unreasonable, im sorta peeved and hurt that he doesn't like sex with me? I guess i could do kegel exercises more... but i did do that for a period of time... and i don't really know if it  helped. i don't know how to deal with "alright," or what exactly that entails.

Iunno, suggestions? Am i being a complete drama queen?
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