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A bunch of I.U.D. questions for those that have them!

Hey VPers!

So I've been thinking about getting and IUD done for awhile now, and I've decided to go for it. Mostly I've been nervous because it seems like there are REALLY mixed results with them. So here are my questions (forgive me if some of them sound dumb!) Oh, and there are a lot of them.

Ok, background info first:
I'm 22, I have no children, I've been on the pill for 5-6 years. I'm thinking about some long-term BC since I know I don't want kids any time soon and I'm getting sick of dealing with the pill. I'm leaving my home city in a couple of months to travel for the summer, then move to the UK, then travel some more. I'm thinking about going for a hormonal IUD.

- Am I wrong in thinking that the results seem totally random? I mean, I know that there are certain things that up your chances of having a more comfortable time with it (like having had a child, etc.) but overall it seems really hit and miss for success.

- For those of you that got off to a rocky start (or that didn't, I guess) how long did you find it took for your body to.. well, get used to it?

- If 5 years elapses and I'm off travelling somewhere bizarre, how good are my chances at having it removed safely? I know this sounds like a bit of a broad question but I guess what I mean is: how common are IUDs throughout the world, and how safe is the removal process?

- When I was last in for a pap and asking q's about IUDs she mentioned that if you are already prone to having terrible cramps, you might be more prone to having bad cramps with the IUD. I don't know if I'm prone to horrible cramps since I've been on the pill for so long I barely even get periods anymore! Anyone with a similar experience?

- OK, and here's the one that I've really been thinking about! One thing (the only thing, really) that I love about the pill is knowing EXACTLY when my periods are coming. No surprises! No ruined underwear! For those of you that went from long term pill to IUD, how long did it take you to get in the habit of getting to know your body well enough to know when your periods are coming? (Did that last part make sense?) I've heard that some women barely even have periods with the IUD and that they can be as light and breezy as HBC ones. Advice?

Ahhh! So nervous, but I think it's time to go for it.

Thanks so much!

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