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I had an abnormal pap test back in June. The doctor didn't say anything other than it was abnormal, and to come back in 6 months.

Today I finally made it back to the doctor. It's a medicentre (can't find a family doctor) so I had a different doctor this time. He did my pap, and took a swab while he was at it (in addition to the pap). I started talking to him and I asked if they could tell the cause of the abnormal pap. He looked through my paper and said HPV.

He then recommended I get the Gardasil shot as he thinks it will help prevent any further abnormalities to my cervix. I'm 26, so pretty much at the top of the age limit for it. I wasn't ever really planning on getting it, as I figured I was "too old" and that it wouldn't do me much good. Now I'm wondering if I should get it. Thoughts? Can it really help prevent further abnormalities to my cervix? Can you even diagnose HPV from a pap?

I feel so confused right now. I googled a little and didn't see much information on using Garasil to prevent further abnormalities, except for helping prevent other strains from developing...
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