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yeast infection confusion


I got my Mirena IUD removed about two weeks ago because I felt that it was causing the yeast infections I had been getting.  Since the beginning of december (!!), I've had what I thought was a yeast infection.  It's very mild: vague itchyness and irritation, no change in discharge, no smell.  I got tested mid-december and I tested negative for a yeast infection and for BV, but I assumed it was a yeast infection and the test was wrong.  (My boyfriend, however, says that with my previous yeast infections there was a noticable yeast smell, but there isn't this time, so he thinks something else is going on.)

Since I got my IUD removed, I've had over a week of spotting, as though my body's attempted to have some sort of period but there's just not enough uterine lining to have a real one.  I was hoping that would fix this yeast infection, but it hasn't.

What could be going on if it's not a yeast infection?  I know I should give my body more time for all the hormones to go away (the doctor recommended waiting 3 months before worrying about anything), but in the meantime, I'm getting a bit concerned.  Is is okay to just wait?  I'm worried that this itchyness, if it's not a yeast infection, is a symptom of a bigger issue.  Or that somehow the the yeast (if it's yeast) is permantenly damaging my skin.  Or something.  I don't want to endanger myself by going through 3 more months of this.

(Many people here suggest that itchyness is a reaction to a change in laundry soap, but I've gone through 3 different soaps since this yeast infection started so I don't think it's that.)


edit: Oh, I should say that I did attempt to treat this yeast infection, first with acidophilus capsules (which had worked in the past), and then with boric acid.  It maybe made it a bit better, but didn't make a huge difference.
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