spitundspite (spitundspite) wrote in vaginapagina,

Tingling labia?

 Hello lovely VPers, 

I have scoured the archives and can't find anything that falls within this territory. Still, very sorry if I'm just oblivious. 

For the past week+ I have had what seems almost like a UTI, but without the pain. I took a three day course of Cipro, but my symptoms are still around. 

I went to Planned Parenthood a couple of days ago to get checked out, and I have no urinary issues whatsoever, nor any STIs. 

My labia feel kind of tingly, sort of like something mentholated got on there. I need to pee a lot and have some difficulty starting my urine stream, but it's not painful (unless I hold it a very, very long time, in which case it does feel very much like the pain of a UTI). 

I am also having some..digestive issues, but that is not uncommon for me.

It's uncomfortable, but more over it's befuddling. What the heck could this possibly be? My partners have no symtoms and are both clean. 

Any insight would be most appreciated. I'm very confused, and would really like this sensation to go away. 

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