meowhimeow (meowhimeow) wrote in vaginapagina,

Too much discharge?

 I'm a bit concerned about my discharge.
The last couple months it seems to have increased...and it's quite unpleasant. 
Back in the summer through September, I had gone to see my doctor a couple times, because at first I was told I had a yeast infection. She didn't test anything...just seen I had a lot of thick white discharge I guess, and gave me medicine.
So, for a couple months after that, I had taken it more and went back. She told me that I didn't have one and it was just normal.

But, now it's just really irritating. This may sound gross, but it's like..when it drys in my underwear, it like crusts. And i only mention that because it didn't used to do that. So, it's like the consistency changed. 
It's thick and white, which I know is normal, but it does sometimes have an odor to it. Sometimes it's a little fishy or just vag smelling. And it's all the time. When I asked the doctor she said that it's just cause of cycling. This used to come about more so like a couple weeks before my period. But now it's just alll the time.

So, I guess i'm just wondering if it seems normal to have a lot in this manner and is it normal for your discharge to change over time?

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