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Not BV, Not YI, Not Trich...

 In October I started noticing heavy clear discharge and a pretty strong odor. Sort of sour and unpleasant. I went to the Dr and they tested me for everything but all my results came back normal. I hadn't changed anything in my diet or sex life or medications. Around that same time, my boyfriend developed what his Dr determined was a yeast infection on his penis. He used an ointment for a few weeks and the dryness and rash disappeared. During that time, I did a three day monistat and my vagina was back to 'normal' (no smell, no discharge) for a few days. THEN it came back. I called my Dr told her what happened, she treated me with antibiotics for BV (even though she didnt think I had BV). My vagina went back to 'normal' after the antibiotics, but a few days letter the smell and discharge returned. THEN I went to a different doctor. He gave me an antibiotic gel to insert directly into my vagina and again, it cleared up for a little while. It's back AGAIN. Sour smelling, thick and clear discharge. 

My boyfriend and I were both tested for everything and EVERYTHING was negative. I even went off Nuvaring which I had been on for years to see if my body was suddenly reacting poorly to that. I'm now on jolivette and I feel pretty great energy wise (and for some reason I'm able to drink alcohol/ on nuvaring I'd get sick almost immediately) but i still have cleary heavy discharge and a sour smell.

Any ideas/thoughts? Is my ph off? My Drs are a little "over" dealing with me. I've always had an incredibly mild scented vagina and I'm pretty taken back by this scent. 

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