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BV that simply will not go away?!

I've had BV non-stop for almost a full year now. I've gone to my gynecologist and every single time, I test with BV. To add insult to injury, it's accompanied with a terrible metallic smell that makes me feel extremely self-conscious and is seriously affecting my self-image. I've tried several rounds of Metronidazole as well as some odd gel inserted vaginally that we tried. I'm not testing positive for anything else, and I can't figure out why this won't go away!! I also feel very embarrassed coming back over and over again because of this. I was researching this and I found this post:

Does anyone know how long the hydrogen peroxide method takes? Also, in the event that doesn't work either... is there anything you knowledgeable ladies think it might be that I should run past my gynecologist? D:
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