Fire Duke Esquire (uberpiratewench) wrote in vaginapagina,
Fire Duke Esquire

Hormones Going Nuts - BHC Related/skipping periods?

I hope this isn't too un-vagina related, but I'm a little astonished at my body/hormones these days and was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same or may have insight.

So, I'm 24. Over the past few days I've just been hormonal as a teenager: incredibly horny (and I mean to distraction and not in a nice way - I can SMELL every man around me. Very creepy), breaking out like I haven't since my preteens and moody as all get out.

So, here's my thoughts on what could be going on: I've been on HBC for years, and this particular brand for about 5 months and this has never happened before. I was recently battling some kidney/UTI problems and have been on and off anti-biotics for close to a month. My GP advised that I use a back-up method and then skip over the 7 off-days. Check and check, however.... since, I was ill for so long, this essentially means that I skipped two menstrual cycles.

So, my thoughts are, is this a delayed disagreement with my newest form of HBC? Or might this have something to do with changing around my pill cycle/skipping a number of consecutive periods? Conversely, is it possible that antibiotics caused the HBC to fail such that I've ovulated and am experiencing one of my first "real" cycles for close to a decade?
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