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pregnancy, trying to conceive, irregular periods, the pill....

I'm currently 25 (will be 26 in June), and I think I'm definitely at that baby-crazy stage.

In the past week, I've watched two documentaries about babies and childbirth. I melt every time I see a baby, I get secretly excited when I walk by baby clothing shops and daydream about how I would dress my kids, etc, etc. I definitely want to have children in the future, and it would be ideal for me to have my first by age 29 or so (of course, given that I'm married by 27/28).

This is my concern:

Before I went on the Pill about 5 years ago, my periods were very irregular. I remember one year, I didn't get a period for 4 months. And then when I did get my period, I often had terrible cramps. So, my gyno naturally prescribed birth control pills.

I was on BC for the past 5 years, and then I went off of it 4 months ago because 1. it was just way too expensive 2. my boyfriend and I are currently long distance, so I won't be having sex for months at a time and 3. I thought I'd try life without it.

Ever since I got off the Pill 4 months ago, my periods have come pretty much on the dot with very little cramping and discomfort. I hope it stays this way!

I'm just concerned that since my periods were so irregular before, will it take a while for me to conceive when I actually do want to get pregnant? Or does irregularity have no correlation with this? Have any of you had irregular periods but got pregnant relatively quickly?
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