rayn_bowh_luvr (rayn_bowh_luvr) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cycle Thrown Waaaay Off

 I got an app on my Android phone that is suppose to predict my period... I usually expect my period within 27-34 days(it's been like this forever but always ended up in between those days) and it predicted one of the days I was expecting so I waited and....it didn't arrive. A month before I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the first day of my period and he pulled out, but I do know that it is still possible to get pregnant(I was starting to believe I was). So over a week passed and I finally got my period yesterday. A few days before the expected week me and my boyfriend didn't really have an argument...just this weird situation that almost caused me to break up with him and made me feel all sorts of negative emotions for awhile(we're fine now and closer than ever). I did some research last night and found that this could have caused stress to throw off my ovulation. 

My question is, should I assume my period is going to arrive during it's original regular schedule or to this new one?
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