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HBC & Breast size question

So my problem is that I am in a new relationship with a guy and we have had sex a couple of times already and our only form of protection was condoms. I don't really trust myself not being on anything else and only using condoms though, I find it a big turn off just to worry if anything will go wrong (the condom tearing or slipping off, ect.) and as much as I am very horny and I'm very attracted to my boyfriend, I feel like having those worries stop me from having as much 'fun' as I could have. I have taken HBC once before, I was on Diane-35 for acne problems and, although it cleared up my acne and gave me beautiful skin, all the rest went wrong. I didn't gain all that much weight, only about 10 pounds, but it's in the bust that I had problems: I gained quite a few cup sizes in a year. I started at a 36C, which I consider is not small in my opinion, and went up to a 32F (which is about a 36DD if I'm not mistaken) but my bra was getting a bit small so I guess I was up to a 32G (36E). The thing is that I have always hated large breasts and have grown up in fear of having large ones some day : my mom had told me once that they would probably be big, because a lot of women in my family are large breasted, but I used to reassure myself by thinking that it wasn't possible because I was slim and those women weren't, but I didn't know that being overweight or not doesn't change anything. When I got fed up and way too depressed with myself, I quit the pill and I lost those 10 pounds in about a week and it's been 10 months since then and I'm currently 5'6", 115 pounds and wearing a 32D (which I still consider big, but acceptable for me). I told myself then that I would never ever go on HBC again, by fear of having to go through all of that again. I cannot count the amount of time I spent crying, isolating myself and keeping myself from doing things I used to love, like working out and shopping for clothes, because of my large breasts. I'm sure anyone who has large breasts and is uncomfortable with them can understand me on that.

I had been thinking of getting a IUD, but I'm hesitating because of the fact that I'm still young (I just turned 17), that it can take a long time before I get an appointment to get it put in, and because I don't think I want to stop myself from having sex until then, and the first problem I mentionned with me not being able to 'let go' during intercourse because of the risks and the worries wouldn't make it very pleasurable neither for me or my boyfriend. So I've also considered trying HBC again, but a kind with a lower dose of hormones, like my doctor wanted me to try out instead. But I don't entirely trust that either, because my doctor had said that after 3 months HBC didn't continue to make breasts 'grow' and it's funny how they kept growing but stopped and became MUCH smaller when I quit Diane-35! Another problem that HBC could help is that my acne is coming back a little (but not nearly as much) and my periods are extremely irregular.

My final question is: has anyone who has gone through the same thing as me (breast size increasing due to HBC) tried with a different kind and has NOT experienced breast growth?

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