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Odd Discharge Question

Hello VPs,

I have a minor concern about some discharge I have going on. A bit of backstory: I had my Mirena IUD inserted on 12/27. I'm 25, NP. On 1/10 I started my first "Mirena period" which was about a day of spotting, four days of normal bleeding, and then another day of spotting. So, that puts me to about 1/15. Ever since I've been having this odd, dark brown discharge. I would say it's just old blood/spotting but it's really watery and has the consistency of normal discharge--it's just funny colored. Sometimes it has clumps in it but most of the time not. It also has a rather musty smell which is very unusual for me--I'm usually fairly "unscented" down below. My periods on the pill were only ever about five days, and off birth control no more than seven with spotting included. And I've never had this odd watery brown stuff before.

Any ideas on what I have going on here? Is this anything to be concerned about, or completely normal?

Thanks in advance for any answers!

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