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Use of EC while on HBC

My boyfriend came to visit this past weekend. And for the first time we decided to do it without pulling out or using a condom. I had been really good this whole past month of taking my hormonal birth control within 20 minutes of 8am every morning. Still I do not generally trust my birth control to work, don't ask me why, so we picked up plan b the next morning. My placebo pills started on Wednesday of this week and generally my period follows Saturday morning. I had read that the plan b may make my period come up to a week late but anything after that would probably mean I am pregnant. Indeed my period is not here yet and I am supposed to start my normal birth control tomorrow morning. My question is can I wait until my period shows up to start back on the birth control or do I need to start it back tomorrow to stop from throwing my body out of whack even more? Will that cause me to miss my period completely for the month? I am a little worried about being pregnant...both the contraception methods failing...but I am just one of those people that worries about the worst case senerio. I would like to have my period this month instead of skipping it completely, just to put my mind at ease.
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