march into the sea (radio_bemba) wrote in vaginapagina,
march into the sea

time elapsed= efficacy of test?

Alright, so I'm officially a defective typewriter--as of today I've been missing a period for about a week.

The shenanigans responsible took place at the beginning of this month, though the date is hazy. Something like the third or the fourth. There was no internal ejaculation, but there was unprotected sex while there may've been sperm present from a previous ejaculation. (Basically, we took a nap together after the first round then woke up and went at it again without him getting up to go pee. I know, I know.) And I'm almost positive I was fertile at the time.

My question: Tommorrow isn't too early to take a preggo test, right? It's been... roughly three weeks since the events in question, so over the 19 days I think you're supposed to wait.

I worry because, whatever the results are from the pee-on-a-stick test, I just really, really want them to be accurate. I hate the idea of the chaos a false negative or a false positive would cause.

And it should be my, ah, first pee of the day, right? Seems to me I read that somewhere here.

Thanks in advance for any support and guidance, vag fans! This community is diamonds.
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