liz2188 (liz2188) wrote in vaginapagina,

Pregnancy possible?

Hey all, been watching this community for years, and finally have a question of my own...
I've been taking the same combined BC pill for about 3 years now. During the month of November and possibly part of December, I was not great with taking my pills on time, but I never was more than a couple hours late taking each one. At most, I was maybe 5 hours late occasionally. I am sexually active, I had sex on Nov 20th, Dec 7th, 16th, and 31, with one or two more days in there that I can't remember. I knew that I hadn't been taking my pills perfectly, so I took Plan B four times within the past two months (I dont remember the dates), when I was particularly paranoid about taking pills late. I had full, normal periods starting on November 26th and December 24. I have also taken Plan B in the past and it had NEVER messed with my cycle.

Now here's where I start to worry. On January 9th, my breasts started getting sore. They are still sore. While this is normal for me before my period, my period was not due until about today. Jan 9th is way too early for me to have been getting PMS symptoms. Also, I had some random menstrual-type cramping last week that lasted a day. I know these are early pregnancy symptoms, but I am still doubtful that I am pregnant, because of the normal period on Dec 24th, I have never been more than a few hours late on a pill, and I've taken a ridiculous amount of Plan B. Also, I am experiencing some brown discharge today, the kind that normally comes before my period. So hopefully the full-blown period is coming?

Thoughts? Did Plan B mess with me or is my body just being strange?
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