kk (shiningbanana) wrote in vaginapagina,

Treating possible yeast infection in boyfriend?

Hey all,
I posted a couple weeks ago about a yeast infection; it came and went and I finally got a prescription for fluconazole today so that's taken care of.  However, I'm worried I'll catch it back from my boyfriend, since we had sex a couple of times while I had the infection.  How should he treat it?  We looked for antifungal creams or something like that at the pharmacy, but all we could find was stuff for jock itch (different fungus) and the usual monistat type stuff.  Getting him a fluconazole prescription would be a bit of a hassle as he doesn't have a regular clinic and I don't know if they would do a culture on him or what- so for those of you who have had this problem, what did you do?
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