Lisa (sparklesistah) wrote in vaginapagina,

Shouldn't have taken the 7 day break...

Hello all, wondering if anyone can help.

Basically I am on Yasmin, and in a month, I usually take my last pill on a saturday night, and then restart them the following Sunday.

I went away for the weekend and left on Friday night and forgot my pills, so effectively missed Fridays and Saturdays pill. Because I usually start my 7 day break on Sunday, a little stupidly it seems, thought it wouldn't be too bad if I just went on my 7 day break.
But, and I know I sounds like a total moron here, I went online just to casually double check, and there were all these things saying I should NOT have taken a 7 day break, but should have taken the last missed pill, then continued onto my next pack without a break.

I feel so stupid, and I swear i've been taking the pill nearly 10 years so I should really know by now, except it's never happened before!

Has this happened to anyone else, and what did you do in terms of protection?

Lisa x
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