alex (talkaboutmoi) wrote in vaginapagina,

Three Periods in 30 Days - NoraBe/Mini-Pill nightmare

 I'm on a POP/Mini-pill, taken at  7 AM daily before my day begins. Everything has been going okay, except...
I keep bleeding. Not spotting, but full-on 5 day periods every 2 weeks. This is USUALLY accompanied by a few deep down zits and constipation (my indicators, so far I've been right).
I've never been late save for an hour or two once, and I know you have a 3 hour window.
This is my FIRST month on them, maybe 6 more pills in the pack. I am not getting a direct answer from anything online, and Planned Parenthood said something about "Making sure to take it on time" and hung up. Allllllrighty then...

I'm sort of scared, but I'm enjoying the freedom of being back on birth control and having lighter periods. My fiance is okay with period sex, but I'm not, and we're unable to have sex 15/30 days! Is this something I have to get used to, or brave the 2 hour drive to my closest Planned Parenthood? 

Thank you, I'm sorry I'm so upset about getting my period when normally it's "AM I PREGNANT" posts haha.
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