elephantus45 (elephantus45) wrote in vaginapagina,

HBC and Baby fever?

I've seen posts about baby fever/baby rabies here before but not quite like this...

I have never, ever, wanted kids.  Just as recently as a year and a half ago I could not stand children.  My neighbors have very loud noisy kids, and theres lots of crying babies in my complex.  I remember being so bothered by the crying all the time, I had no sympathy for it at all.  At this time I had a paragard, and I loved it for the lack of hormones.  Since then things have changed.  I was diagnosed with endometriosis (via lap- almost lost my ovary during the sugery), got a Mirena,  was on Lupron injections, and spent some time in a medical anthropology class where the professor was pregnant.  In this class we had to read about women being pregnant, their experiences, feelings, things like that and I started to actually think about being pregnant when I never had given it a second thought.  The next semester we got to see a lot of the baby- and I must say he's a real cutie.

Since being on the Lupron I've been having baby fever so horribily.  I've been off the lupron for about two months and I still have the urges to reproduce and I'm trying to figure out if its because of these hormones?  Or because I'm getting older? (I'm only 23!)  Or maybe its because I'm getting married sometime this summer/fall?  I mean, my partner and I have discussed baby names!  (I had one bout of baby fever with a previous partner, but I think it was his fault, all his friends were having babies at that time.  It lasted maybe a month, and I'm sooo glad now nothing came of it)  This is so out of nature for me.  I don't want to have this baby fever, then have a kid or two, and realize these feelings were not *mine* but caused by artificial hormones?

Has anyone noticed an increase in baby fever while on HBC?  Or related to any of the other things I mentioned? (being around pregnant lady and then her baby?  Or because of an upcomming wedding or something maybe I'm reaching here...)

(Oh and just thought I'd mention- I've been having baby dreams!  Frequently.  Its kind of getting annoying- sometimes they are toddlers, but generally newborns and there's generally two of them.  They are such vivid dreams to argh)
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