monika (fouralarm) wrote in vaginapagina,

a couple HBC questions

First a silly, quick question about HBC timing - I've been taking my pill at about 11 pm every night for about a year, but now I have a job where I get up early and go to bed early, so I want to start taking my pill sometime in the afternoon instead. How do I make the switch? Should I just do it one day or should I gradually work my way earlier every day for a week or something like that?

Secondly, I was wondering if there was any kind of consensus in this community (I'm new, so I apologize if this has been discussed before - tried looking through the tags but couldn't find anything) on whether Yaz is as dangerous as it's being portrayed in the media, with all these lawsuits in regards to Yaz apparently causing strokes in young women, etc? I'm on Yaz and I do get a little worried when I hear about these cases, I haven't heard anything so serious for any other kind of HBC. But for me personally, Yaz has had only positive effects. Is anyone else worried about it?
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