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Super ovulating EWCM?!

Hello VP! I just gushed a bunch of cervical mucous and I would like some thoughts on the matter.

So, I have just experienced what seems to be a huge gush of fertile, "egg-white" cervical mucous. I went off the pill roughly 3 weeks ago because my fiancé has just been deployed and I am going to be in Europe for the next 5 months and didn't want to worry about it--so I could very well be ovulating right NOW. In the past few days I have been exceptionally horny, and then a few hours ago I was experiencing some twinge/pinching feelings in my left abdominal area until a few minutes ago when I started feeling really wet down there. I went to the bathroom to investigate and there was EWCM all over my inner thighs, and seemingly DRIPPING out of me!

Does anybody else get this? I have tracked my cycle before so I know all about cervical mucous and whatnot, but I've never seen THIS much before! I wiped and there was a substantial amount of it on the toilet paper, as well.

I am most likely ovulating, right? I haven't been sexually aroused or anything like that today, so I don't think it's that!

Really "high" fertility runs in my family, both my mother's and my father's sides. Both my grandmothers had more than 5 kids each and they both used to joke about how their husbands, (my grandfathers, bleagh), couldn't use the same towel as them without getting them pregnant. On a less serious note because I know there's no way to tell without getting all kinds of tests run by a doctor, could I be in for a fertile Myrtle future? :P Is fertility hereditary?
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