Shannon Ashley (socksandaphone) wrote in vaginapagina,
Shannon Ashley

still bleeding?

My period usually starts on a Wed or Thurs and ends on the Sunday. I'm on birth control pills and it's always the same. This time my period started on the 10th (Monday) and ended on the 14th (Friday). I had sex Saturday night with my boyfriend and when he pulled out his penis was covered in blood. He went down on me before that and said he didn't taste anything weird/different/blood. This was after I didn't bleed/wear a tampon all day. I went to the bathroom and wiped and there was blood, but didn't bleed that night or the rest of Sunday - even though we had sex twice on Sunday.

Today I went to the bathroom and there was blood on my underwear, and when I wiped, but not in the toilet or anything. What's the deal here? :( When my periods stop, they stop - they never go on like this. Is this just some left over blood from a weird period... do you think perhaps there is a cut or small tear in/near my vagina from sex?... I tried to look but didn't see anything. & wouldn't it heal up by now? I'm not really worried, just kind of curious whats up. I have a gyno appointment on Feb 4th so I was going to ask then, but it may be so insignificant and such an easy answer that I don't have too. I think this has just never happened to me before so it's an "am I normal?" kind of thing.

Sorry this is so badly worded. Thanks :)
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