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Yeast infection or something else?

 So, for the past 2 days I've had a minor burning/itching at my vaginal entrance.  It also 'feels' kind of swollen, but when I looked, nothing looked out of the ordinary.  I don't have any discharge or smells at this point either.  There's no scratches, sores, etc.  I had a pap back in August and everything came back normal, my husband was tested in October for STI's/STD's (we moved to a different base and it was part of a physical) and everything came back negative.

The past week has been a mess though.  I got sick with the flu and ran a fever for a few days and have been taking a lot of over the counter meds (dayquil, nyquil, sudafed, ibuprofen, etc). I had to fly, which causes horrible anxiety and I was having to take Xanax for it.  And because of just being all mixed up I missed a day of my birth control and had to double up the next day (this was on Friday).  

To add to everything, since I'm now here visiting my family it means new water (they add salt to their water softener), new laundry detergent, new soaps, etc.  

This is why I don't know if I should treat this as the beginning of a yeast infection..  Or if it could be something else?  Can over the counter meds mess with my body?  I know they're not antibiotics, but I've been taking them around the clock.  Is it possible that because of my cold it's thrown off my chemistry or something?  I didn't use any soap in my vagina or around it, but I did use a wash cloth with their detergent on it with the different water here.  I've never known my body to be really sensitive, but I guess with everything going on at once it's possible.

I know I need to go to the Dr, but it's such a pain to switch my insurance over so I can use it in this region, plus get in with a Dr since I haven't seen any here in 3+ years.  

Also, this is only my 2nd time ever having any problems.  I was treated for BV about 2 years ago and the antibiotics gave me a YI and the Dr. prescribed me just 1 pill that took care of everything.  Is there something similar I can get over the counter or should I wait to see if this clears up?
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