mousebebe (mousebebe) wrote in vaginapagina,

Toy Storage

This is... indirectly related to vaginas, really, so I think this is an okay place to post this.

I've always stored toys in a cardboard box (originally used for file folders- yay camouflage!) in cloth pouches, either the ones they came with or ones I had around. Unfortunately, I've run out of cloth pouches, and I just bought a couple new items, including a glass (Pyrex) one, that I'm pretty sure will arrive either with no cloth pouch or a a thin one, and I'm a little concerned about it breaking/chipping/cracking, even if it's reasonably close-packed inside the cardboard box. The other one is TPR, so effectively jelly and something that I'm a little concerned about material interactions and melting with, so I don't want it loose in the box.

I scrounged the local dollar store this morning in the hope of finding something cloth-pouch-like with no luck. I'd rather not sew them myself (only working machine in the house is my mother's, and I don't want to explain to her the purpose, eek), and from digging around online, premade toy storage pouches and containers, especially padded ones, tend to be pricey. Is there any other place that I could potentially find cloth pouches, or any other methods of storage that would provide the same level of protection/cleanliness/containment?

I'd really appreciate any advice on this!
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