nancykerrigan (nancykerrigan) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hello and tampon question

Hi. I've been cruising this comm for awhile but haven't had the guts to officially join and post until now, so...hi. Anyway, I have a question about tampon use. I will admit that I'm a virgin when it comes to tampons. I recently bought a pack of Tampax Pearl lights just to start me off but haven't used them yet. I know the instructions say to only use them when you're menstruating but is it really necessary? Will there be complications if I use them when I'm not on my period? Just curious, because whenever I get my period, I think about trying them but keep putting them off for whatever reason. Sometimes, it's  pure laziness, and
sometimes out of fear, because I do experience some clotting at least once whenever I'm on my period. That's another concern I have. What happens when you're clotting and you're using a tampon? Does it build up in the vagina, or does it wrap around the tampon or does the tampon absorb it somehow? Any insightul information I'd very much appreciate it. Thanks.

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